FILM AND TELEVISION - Whether your company shoots Reality TV, documentaries out in the outback or just another day at the studio. Our HDX camera system will be your perfect standard tool and one of your most valuable pieces of equipment. A multi camera system that produces HD vivid color video, records 30FPS, has low light compensation or night vision options, optional zoom in, zoom out capabilities, and the ability to move the camera 360 degrees remotely. State of the art portable HD recorder and cameras. All footage is organized by date & time to insure easy handling when exporting content. and a brilliant file management system that will make your post production as easy as if it was handheld already.

Connect your own HD camera through its HDMI out or an HD BNC out (not for analog or SDI)
Build and Break in 10 minutes.

SHARP EYE Industries also builds custom rigs, gadgets, digital, analog and smart mechanisms for the entertainment industry -

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