We are here to provide custom security solutions in full HD.
Police, military, and investigative groups are among those in law enforcement that have benefited from our HDX systems. Most of SHARP EYE Industry team members have a strong military background and years of field work. Any of our products is built to work as hard as you do and last.
Designed and engineered to sustain rough handling and brutal conditions, any of our products is built to do what it was designed to do each and every time you need it.
We can custom build or integrate by order, anything from miniature cameras battery packs, GPS trackers remote control servo base animatronics and anything in between-

Call in for free consultation any time, anywhere. 
Between the years 2009 and 2011 over 65,000 cases were thrown out of court for non satisfaction of proof given by the police. Most of them were the result of videos that were not sharp enough to identify the suspect as the accused.
Much efforts and field work is been put towards daily investigative work and observation of HOT areas around the country.

Sharp eye industries has custom HD solutions for concealed observation systems. Portable and powerful. Our camera kits can be sized for the space you need it to fit into.

Proof in full HD will assist getting the right resolution on your next case.

We currently carry unmanned silent drones that carry HD cameras, these drones can fly up to 3 hours in a pre programmed path of flight and can transmit video to a local vehicle or record to the onboard HD recorder.

We have complete night vision solutions for all of our camera kits and recorders all can be customize by need.

With drastic demand for high-end observation system for training, strategic positioning and active field work, our HD recording systems and cameras are your best tool for custom needs.
With our full line of cameras, night vision lenses and heat sensors we can put together anything and everything to work best for you and your team.

All of our equipment is built by a team of professionals right here in the US. With our military background we know exactly what makes a successful system out there in the field.
Our main system is shock proof and can handle massive beating if it needs to.

We also have HD aerial photography solutions that can be controlled by GPS driven modules

Call in, will customize your next kit to fit you best.

If you are a private investigative agency or insurance investigator you have just found your best new friend in the business.
Our equipment can be mounted to any surveillance vehicle for you to conduct a very large distance stake out and get sharp video of whom ever your following.

Our HDXBox and Cameras are easy to carry and mount anywhere, All data is time coded and dated for court use.

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