SHARP EYE Industries -  HD Digital Solutions
Reinventing technology since 2002. 

We are a California base development, manufacturing, sales, and rental company.
We specialize in Audio, video, automation, broadcasting & High-End Security.
Our focus is to provide technology base solution to a variety of industries: 
Military, law enforcement, Film/TV and specialty civilian use.

We have made a name for our selves for being the leaders in HD technology.
Our team of professional creative individuals, bring their military background to the civilian world of
digital needs. Using Innovative and creative thinking we create and design products to perfection.
The experience and the solution driven attitude puts us ahead of the game with every project.

We follow a code of integrity and commitment to our customer where a satisfaction is at top of the list.
We guarantee that you will get what you want even if it needs to be fabricated engineered or sourced from the furthest place on earth.

The driving force behind the company is to provide access to military grade concepts, technology and reliability . Retrofitting entire applications to specific custom civilian needs.

The special needs for todays demanding reality TV production, is to have a cost effective solution for multi camera shoots. The high demand for HD 1080p quality and the high rate of traveling with tons of equipment from one location to another needed a ridged portable out of the box solution. All this, gave birth to a new kind of HD multi channel portable recording system.

We developed the ultimate production grade tool that not only records in HD1080P audio and video but broadcast to our sister company GOINLIVE in HD. A streaming channel with options to link the feed to your site or any other site on the web

The world of in field broadcasting was waiting for this product for a very long time! No need for a two man team to anchor a breaking news the reporter uses our portable system to show what's in the field using our powerful WIFI broadcasting system and his own MIFI service.

 Law enforcement field work demanded a better video quality that can withstand in court and help confirm subjects before a full scale arrest or a raid attempt. A 16ch audio video portable recorder that can record as many as 16 cameras, non stop (up to 16TB-30days 24/7) with a complete line of HD cameras that shoot at 1080p with built in night vision (Water proof and shock proof) does the job.
We also carry a full line of aerial video solutions, flying cameras, HD remote controlled cars, boats, planes and Camcopters,flair systems and laser trip virtual fences that will help you "BOX" an area without actually being in the location.

24/7 customer support that will travel anywhere on the globe for demonstration and troubleshooting.

If you can think it, we can build it!

Your only limit, is your imagination!
We are looking forward to serve your recording and broadcasting needs.
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